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The basis of my art career lies in brush calligraphy. The black ink used for this type of art has the ability to represent a variety of tones that reflect upon other colours in the spectrum. The black ink, rice paper, ink stones, and brushes have a significant role in creating the beauty of monochrome, which shows the strength in comparison of black and white and effuses the energy given from the power in brush strokes. The art of monochrome has not shown any change over many centuries and has been described as highly simple but also very controlling as it is the foundation of Asian philosophy and captures the spirit of human beings.
Today, my goal is to apply monochrome techniques onto pottery. This is more difficult to do than ordinary monochrome because the application of glaze on pottery is different from ink on paper as glaze does not seep into the clay like ink does into paper. Concentration and energy is needed for this new combination of pottery and monochrome. At the end of a long road travelled by an artist, there will be many doors of opportunities. When one door closes, another one opens, but we look so long at the closed door that another one that has opened is invisible to our eyes because we look so long at the closed door. I will go through this one open door that leads to and connects with nature, and pursue my art career till the end.